Mosul Medical Technical Institute

A Brief History of MMTI

MMTI was established in 1976 as part of the Foundation of Technical Education. In 2014-2015, the institute became affiliated with the Northern Technical University as a section of the Mosul Technical Institute. This affiliation continued until 2023, when the institute gained independence and became a new institution within the Northern Technical University.

MMTI at a Glance
  • MMTI is one of the Northern Technical University institutions in Nineveh Governorate-Iraq.
  • MMTI comprises six medical departments:
      1. Pharmacy Techniques
      2. Anesthesia Techniques
      3. Radiology Techniques
      4. Medical Laboratories Techniques
      5. Community Health Techniques
      6. Nursing Techniques (with two branches: Nursing and Immediate Aid)
  • The institute is located in Rashidiyah, Mosul.
  • The Institute accepts students who are graduates of the scientific branch, the biological branch, and nursing preparatory school.
  • In the evening study programs, the following departments are available:
      1.  Pharmacy Techniques
      2. Anesthesia Techniques
      3. Radiology Techniques
      4. Community Health Techniques
      5. Nursing Techniques (Nursing Branch)
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